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Company Profile


La Consult Limited

This is a private limited company
that was established in 2009 to provide quality
and innovative solutions in commercial printing,
media and design to small, medium and large scale
business entities including Government and Non
Government Organisations, La Consult Limited has
over the years managed to build a solid and reliable
network with both local and international suppliers
to ensure efficiency


Company Vision

To be the leading provider of quality and
innovative solutions in the commercial printing,
graphic design, branding and advertising field.


Mision Statement

To provide innovative solutions in the
commercial printing and create value for
money for our clients.


Company Values

Customer Care, Team work, Simplicity, Efficiency
and Confidentiality


Our Promise

We use the latest technologies and innovations
offering a single source and effective solution to
customers’ needs. Our dedicated and professional
team values customers’ time in regard to deadlines,
Confidentiality and guarantees prompt delivery


Code of Conduct

We offer samples, discounts on volume, online orders, delivery to client premises.


Business Practices and Standards

We make sure before a product / service reaches the client, its of the highest standard
but in so doing, we are conscious of:
a) maintaining the highest possible environmental protection stardards.
b) maintaining the highest awareness and priority of human rights.
c) maintaining quality.
d) maintaining simple, achievable and reliable ideas
We are conscious of the fact that how you present your company / organisation
determines your impact on clients / community. LA CONSULT LIMITED will help you shape
and define the most impressive profile for your business / organisation through offering
your quality services.
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